What’s your Mantra Mumma?


“Hi Liz, Just a big thank you for giving up your Saturday morning, the first one of the holidays too and for for making us so welcome in your home. We found Saturday extremely useful and can now really move on with our practising etc ahead of the exciting arrival.” – Anonymous

“I found the experience of this birth really empowering and in complete contrast to the first time round. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. Hope you’re able to help lots more couples have such a lovely experience.” – Rachel Mason (Hypnobirthing Parent)

“We really enjoyed the hypnobirthing course that we completed and looked forward to each session. They were relaxing, informative and individually tailored. The knowledge we gained empowered us to choose a home birth and despite having a surprise early arrival and having to move to the hospital in the later stages due to the length of time between my waters breaking and labour starting, we were prepared for the possibility of this and able to make considered decisions throughout without feeling pressured. This is thanks to the research we looked at and discussed on the course and the reading we did as a follow up. The homework exercises helped me to establish a regular relaxation practice throughout pregnancy and supported me to consider labour in a new and positive light as I had previously felt very anxious about this. Fully recommend this, particularly if you are unsure or anxious about labour and keen to have an unbiased view of your options during birth. A wonderful experience for helping you and your partner work together as a team during the birth also.” – Carrie Bulmer (Hypnobirthing Parent)

I was worried how the sessions would go and my husband was sceptical about Hypnobirthing but we saw Liz for four sessions and we both thought she was brilliant! Liz knows her subject inside out and she managed to create an environment where I felt totally relaxed and confident. We really looked forward to the sessions because they enabled us to take the time to focus solely on the birth and it is amazing how taking this time to focus increased my self-belief. I will admit that I was scared of childbirth but the sessions with Liz changed my outlook and both my husband and I felt it gave us the tools to deal with what was coming…which it certainly did. My birth story was completely different to how I imagined it. However, the sessions with Liz were the key to enabling me to handle everything that came along and I cannot thank Liz enough for her support in helping me through it all. I highly recommend using Liz – trust me it will make a big difference.” – Jo Kerry (Hypnobirthing Parent)

“For our second baby, I was debating whether to have a planned c-section or a VBAC.
I was finding the decision quite stressful, feeling like I should have a VBAC because it was the ‘right’ thing to do for my baby and at the same time afraid of it because of my previous experience.
Talking to Liz about it was really helpful and calming. She sent me great links on both options via the hypnobirthing programme she trained with and took the time to really understand where I was coming from in feeling the way I did. She was so supportive and made me realise that whatever option for any woman, you can own your birth. And I did, and we have little George in our lives.
Thanks Liz.” – Liv Matthews (Hypnobirthing Parent)

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for a lovely taster class this morning! Liz was so warm and welcoming, she made hynobirthing seem very accessible. The breathing practise and guided visualisation were both really relaxing fantastic!” – Cherona Sylvester (Hypnobirthing Parent)

“KG Hypnobirthing mothers never ask you what is happening to them.  They know what is happening to them”. – Sarah (Midwife)*

“Hypnobirthing rocks!” – Jo (KGHypnobirthing Parent)*

“I’m just blown away by the results of Hypnobirthing.  I don’t know how to express how different it was.” – Zara (Midwife)*

“It’s incredible. Mind blowing. Everything is positive.” – Amardeep (Midwife)*


*Used with permission from www.kghypnobirthing.com